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Papers should be submitted in electronic format using Microsoft Word.

Attach two electronic copies of your submission to an e-mail message. One of the copies should include a title page that contains the author’s name and complete contact information and, if any, the acknowledgements. The other copy should have a title page that does not include any information that might identify the author. These two files should be named NOMINATIVE and NON-NOMINATIVE, respectively. Your submission will be acknowledged electronically when reviewers have been assigned.

There should be nothing in the NON-NOMINATIVE file that might identify the author.

Likewise, there should be nothing in the electronic properties of the NON-NOMINATIVE file that might identify the author.

Please indicate in your e-mail the field of interest and theme that best fit your paper, in order to help us identify the appropriate reviewers:

Fields of interest:



General management

Human resources management


Production and Operations Management (POM)

Public and non-profit sectors


Administrative reforms

Change management

Communication/ negociation


Globalization/LDCs/ NICs/EITs

Information Technologies

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Intercultural management

Interfirm cooperation


Knowledge management


Organizational performance


Project management

Risk management


Other (please specify)

Submissions should be sent to the attention of:

Bachir Mazouz, Editor

Once accepted for publication by the evaluation committee, the paper should be presented in PDF format and in electronic format (Microsoft Word).

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