Guidelines for Reviewers

The two major purposes of the editorial review process are:

To obtain expert evaluation of a manuscript to help the Editor make decisions, and to provide constructive feedback to the author.

Please read the manuscript with a view toward providing as much help to the author as you can.

International Management provides two forms designed to facilitate the review and feedback process. Please type the appropriate information in the fields provided. To move from one field to another, use either the tab key or the cursor.

Form 1 is intended for the use of the Editor. You are asked to evaluate several aspects of the manuscript; to make recommendations to the Editor concerning acceptance, revision or rejection of the manuscript; and to note any comments you may wish to communicate to the Editor, but not to the author.

Form 2 is for your evaluation and comments to the author). Please be as specific and as dispassionate as possible in these comments. If there is a fatal flaw in the research, so that revision of the manuscript or a different analysis cannot correct the problem, or if the research is adequate but makes no useful contribution to the literature, explain your reasoning as clearly as you can so that the author will understand your position. If rewriting, reanalysing, or the collection of further data could lead to a manuscript you would consider acceptable, identify explicitly the kinds of changes you think should be made. Suggestions for pruning might also be helpful. Above all, be kind!

Please return Forms 1 and 2, plus any additional pages you may have needed for making your comments to the author and to the Editor, within seven weeks time – earlier, if at all possible – at the following e-mail address:

If you cannot meet this deadline, please notify the Editor.

Moreover, it is sometimes useful to make some editorial comments for the author on the manuscript itself. If you do so, please ensure that such comments are legible enough for the author to understand the question or to make the changes you are suggesting. Please return the annotated pages by fax at the following number: (514) 340-7814.

We encourage you to use the Word “Insert, Comment” command, rather than hand-written annotations. If you do use the Word command, please follow the instructions below in order to preserve your anonymity.

Instructions for adding or modifying the name used in the comments (Microsoft Office XP):

Comments in documents :

In the Tools menu, click on Options, then on the User tab.

In the Name zone, type the name that you wish used in your comments.

Note: All Microsoft Office programs pick up the information that you type in the User dialogue box. In other words, modifications made to these parameters affect the other Office programs.

If you insert electronic comments in the manuscript, please return the manuscript along with both forms to the Editor at the following e-mail address:

Please note that, according to policy, a manuscript submitted to the journal remains the property of the author unless the manuscript is accepted and the author has signed a copyright release form. It is therefore inappropriate to keep it or to copy it for your own use.

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