Management  international (Mi) is a renowned journal in the field of international management. For more than 25 years, Mi has been publishing high-quality articles addressing today’s major management issues.

The journal Mi is open to different research perspectives and approaches from around the world. It encourages high-quality research rooted in various research traditions, methodological approaches and management fields. It was designed to build, grow and strengthen a community of thinkers and pluralistic research.

Whether you are an Mi reader, author, peer reviewer, or member of the scientific community or editorial committee, the role of the editorial team is to provide guidance to advance knowledge that is relevant and rooted in today’s major issues, and to draw attention to your work.

Mi ‘s editorial team ensures due respect for authors, evaluators, and reviewers, as well as processes of evaluation, production and dissemination that are confidential, rigorous, and show integrity. This aligns with the highest international standards for scientific publications in the field.

Articles published in Mi must put forth ideas that contribute to existing knowledge in the field of international management. Mi is open to and favours a plurality of perspectives and approaches, which must be solidly rooted in academic literature to make a real contribution. Empirical research must also be founded on rigorous methodology.

Mi publishes different types of contributions:

  • Texts presenting a specific problem in international management, with a theoretical framework, an empirical foundation, and research results
  • Research notes primarily aimed at presenting theoretical perspectives, conceptual frameworks, and research methods or results
  • Reading summaries devoted to research summaries published in recent books
  • Reading notes for critical discussion on recent works and selections from recent writings
  • On occasion, Mi publishes a piece by editorial staff or confirmed researchers in the Opinions section.